10 ways you can use the Internet of Things now

The next internet revolution has already begun

You may have heard the latest internet buzzword – the Internet of Things. You can see it around you as everyday objects and other features of the physical world become smart. Wireless technology is used to connect objects, locations or even animals to directly transmit and share data with the purpose of co-ordinating all their individual responses in one ongoing seamless flow.

The Internet of Things - the-future-is-here

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10 steps to propel your creativity into outer space

A plan to maximise your creative thinking ability

Much of our lives is weighed down by analytical thinking – exercising judgement, the need to follow a logical argument, figuring out the correct answer; we eliminate wrong turns and keep to the right path. In contrast creative thinking is an exploratory approach where your mind looks at new ideas and the worlds branching off those ideas; this generates new possibilities where we examine many potential best answers rather than settle on the one perceived to be correct. This plan aims to get you into that orbit.

Creativity rocket

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Visual depths and surfaces

Photographic vision of ojo blanco

ojo blanco is Lester Weiss. He is a photographic artist based in Brazil with a remarkable eye for combining intricate layers of reality and surface tensions. His images often create one poetic whole from individual reflections, distortions and distressed fragments. The viewer sees a non-literal composition with interest across the entire visual field.

Copyright Lester Weiss

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