10 IFTTT recipes to dominate the social media avalanche

Using ifttt.com to handle your workload on social media

You should be looking for ways to protect your two most precious assets – your brain and your time. Use IFTTT to save yourself from social media congestion.

In an ideal world you’ll have the time to look at your routine tasks and browse through the channels at ifttt.com to create your own custom solutions. However the ready-made solution may fit just right. Take a look at these existing IFTTT recipes that other people have found useful and re-purpose them for yourself. Even if they don’t fit perfectly they may spark an idea to create something new…

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3½ little steps for re-using IFTTT recipes

How to automate tasks using a workflow other people swear by

If you understand how to combine the ingredients to make an IFTTT recipe you’ll be able to re-use existing recipes with ease. Ifttt.com has a huge collection of ready-made recipes that other users have created and shared for everyone to use. All you have to do is find what’s right for you.

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Use fun and imagination to widen your brand appeal

Join NASA and fly into space with Google Maps

You can now take a virtual tour in space courtesy of Google Maps. Google has extended it’s Google Earth platform to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of the NASA Curiosity Rover touching down on the Red Planet. Google Earth now includes 3d images of the surface of the Moon and Mars. You can zoom in to explore craters and mountains that you may never get around to visiting in person.

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A beginner’s video guide to ifttt.com

Start automating your life with IFTTT

There are always new starters looking for a good video to give them an introduction. So take a look and pass it on.

If This Then That is a free web service that lets you connect your account on one site such as Twitter to a different one such as Dropbox. This makes it possible to automate your life on the web – for example, when you post a tweet it can automatically reappear in your Dropbox account. So with ifttt you can get the web to perform the tasks you want without having to spend any time at all.

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