Is your site lagging behind web design trends? (infographic)

Judge how far your site is from the styles of 2015

On Page One I examine each of the web design trends individually, studying the topic and adding information from other sources.
On this page you can explore the infographic in full. Click on it for a larger view. Please scroll to the bottom for a list of sources.

Top 5 Web Design Trends For 2015

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Research shows that you only have only 8 seconds to get the visitor’s attention. So an out-of-date appearance is a problem.
It’s impossible to follow all the latest web design trends, and there’s no need to. Technological advances will always be moving ahead of even your most recent re-design. The important thing is to understand that there will always be a recurrent need to update your website, just as you probably update your mobile phone to benefit from new features.

Individual trends such as endless scrolling may be unimportant in themselves. What matters is recognising the reason that design is following these directions. The underlying drivers are a need for simplicity, the importance of speed and delivering information in a way that the customer finds most convenient – the styles you employ to achieve those goals are up to you.


Is your site lagging behind web design trends? (infographic)
Is your site lagging behind web design trends? (infographic)
Judge how far your site is lagging behind today's web design trends. The aim is not to follow but to understand why they're going there.
  • Thanks for the nod and the quote. very nice piece. i like your treatment of mobile design.

    • Hi, Kim, glad you like it, thanks for commenting.

  • Hi, Donald,

    I’m always interested to see how I’m fairing with trends. Some are important to me, while others are not. Just did a major overhaul on my blog, new theme, etc. before the first of the year, so I’m glad I listened to my instincts.

    Yes, I absolutely agree that Mobile should be first in consideration these days. I’m so glad that my theme is mobile responsive and fast loading and font (and links) is big enough to be easily seen on mobile.

    Do you like infinite scrolling when you come upon it? I don’t care for it myself. Never heard of parallax design but perhaps I’ve come across it, not sure. Cool examples provided, thanks.

    My preference would probably be flat design or clean simple layout. What a fun and interesting post, Donald – I had a good time reading about these different trends.

    Talk soon,

    • Hi, Carol, I noticed that your site had a big refresh, it’s very effective. I can see they’ve updated lots of areas, I’m impressed!

      I’m glad you mentioned infinite scrolling, I have to say that when I get the option it’s the first thing I turn off. It’s particularly annoying if you want to read something in the footer and you keep getting presented with new content… aagh!

      Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)