Wearable computing becomes smart jewellery

Evolution of the wearable market according to user profiles

Wearable computing is evolving into separate niche markets. The ‘old’ days of cramming every function into one product has gone. At CES 2015 new offerings are targeted at specific user profiles – such as wearables with storage for maps and GPS targeted at cross-country hikers. This specialisation reflects the fact that many wearables are often discarded by consumers within a year of purchase.

Misfit Swarovski wearables

Smart jewellery

The customer with a high appreciation of aesthetic value forms a specific user profile. According to The Cassandra Report: DIGITAL only around a quarter of 14- to 34-year-olds agree that wearables match their aesthetic standards. There’s a perception that these devices look more at home in the gym than in everyday life. For most brands the only nod to style has been custom colours.

Now ‘smart jewellery’ is targeting a more aesthetically demanding audience, one that is predominantly female. Visual appeal is no longer relegated to an after-thought for extending the market but is becoming a core feature of the product. These devices have the sophisticated styles of conventional jewellery. They typically offer features that go beyond the health and fitness mainstays of wearables, with functions such as alerts for phones and security alarms.


The tech brand Misfit has always been at the forefront of aesthetic appeal in fitness trackers. Now Misfit has partnered with Swarovski to bring bling to wearable computing. The Swarovski Shine smart jewellery collection includes two wearable devices and nine accessories, so providing connectivity to suit all occasions, from work to evening wear. The collection is only available on pre-order in the US, Hong Kong and China but it is fully compatible with the currently available Misfit Shine.

The face of wearable computing…

For several years the customer has seen Google Glass as the face of wearable computing. Google Glass may have disappeared from the market, but it’s unlikely to be gone for good. Smart glasses technology is still progressing with other manufacturers who are learning from the conditions faced by Google. The most promising examples look more like conventional glasses, which as the trend for smart jewellery shows is key to adoption by ordinary consumers.

We’re seeing an unstoppable future where the human body blends with computational power. The market is responding head-on to the style issue that computing has never needed to face – the stylistic refinements over the years by Apple are nothing compared to the importance of fashion that the market now demands.

You can discover more developments in how people access computers in the menu category Internet of Things. For a broad description of the whole area see the article 10 ways you can use the Internet of Things now.


Wearable computing becomes smart jewellery
Wearable computing becomes smart jewellery
Wearable computing is evolving into a new niche of smart jewellery where aesthetic appeal is elevated to a key feature.
  • Elaine Isaac

    Nice to see some wearable tech that is appealing. Hopefully the prices will come down eventually as I feel at the moment they are high for an average consumer.

    • It does look good, doesn’t it? Prices are already falling and I’m sure in time they’ll follow what happens in most markets.

      I’m buying a Shine (a non-blingy one for boys!). There are lots of cheapos hitting the market but I like the no-nonsense accuracy.

      Thanks for commenting, Elaine.

  • Max (ssp marbella)

    Sounds good. I´m sure a lot of fashion forward people will like this! Especially if celebs start the trend! hopefully the price will come down.

    • Good point about celebs. I’m sure prices will fall, they usually do.

      I can see the ability to change from day wear to bling being very popular.

      Thanks for commenting, Max.

  • Pre-pay

    I want tech to stay as tech, leave jewelry to the jewelers, many handsets, tablets etc are so expensive that they’re already beyond the reach of the average Joe. If you add gold, silver and gems they will only be available to the wealthy.

    • I think what this adds is another option, if you’re into fashion and style you’ll opt for these – it seems to be what consumers are demanding. But there will always be plainer versions too, for people who prefer that look as well as that price.

      Thanks for commenting, Pre-Pay.

  • i, Donald,

    Had never seen these, so amazing! Huh! Who would have thought that we’d be at a place for this to be possible. Amazing, truly is.

    Very sleek also… May put it on my request list for my birthday. :-)

    GPS on your wrist – gotta love it. Aesthetics is important, though, so glad they’re coming out with better options for day to day wear.

    May just have to check into that Misfit Shine Personal Physical Activity Monitor – oh so cool!


    • Hi, Carol, I think these look so much better than most trackers so I’m definitely getting one, without the crystals!

      My teenage nephews have one each so I’m hoping their level of fitness is down to the tracker and that it rubs off on me.

      Thanks for dropping by, have a good weekend.