The 7 point usability checklist

Key usability factors for assessing a website

Take a methodical approach when assessing the usability of a website. If you consider specific key areas instead of forming a general impression you will arrive at a more in-depth assessment. Otherwise you risk being blinded by whatever gloss the designer has applied over the top, or by whatever result you want to see.

Additionally, studying usability components allows you to make meaningful comparisons across completely different sorts of websites.

  1. Clarity
    • Does the site convey a sense of its target audience?
    • Is the language appropriate for the readers?
    • Is the tone appropriate?
  2. Accessibility
    • Is load time appropriate to content?
    • Is it accessible to readers with special requirements?
    • Is there a means of seeking help?
  3. Consistency
    • Does the site have a consistent look?
    • Is it consistent even without graphics?
  4. Navigation
    • Does the site use a standard link appearance ?
    • Is the destination of links clear?
    • Is there an obvious way to navigate between pages?
  5. Design
    • Does the site make effective use of hyperlinks?
    • Is page length appropriate to content?
    • Do the design features add to the user experience of the site?
  6. Maintenance
    • Dead links
    • Broken scripts
    • Not found errors
  7. Visual presentation
    • Are the colours intrusive?
    • Does it separate text and animations?
    • Does it provide feedback to users?
      • Visited links
      • Login/submit messages

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