9 blogging tools that I use (and one that I can’t)

Tools, services and plugins that I count on

The business of blogging keeps overflowing with things to do. As well as researching your next post you’re coming up with ideas for the one after and you still haven’t finished promoting the one before. You have to keep on top of what’s happening in your industry, what your readers want to see on your blog and how to reach out to people scattered across social media. After everything else you need to assess how well all these clicks are converting.

Here are the tools that I rely on to take the strain…

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6 tips for a new WordPress blog

Blogging essentials

You need to learn the basic best practice for your WordPress blog to clear a path that will allow your blog to flourish. A path is more than a framework at a set point in time; it takes care of the current setup and gives you freedom for development, so a lot of this advice is about avoiding future problems. Many of these best practices are relevant to writing across the web regardless of platform so take them with you and adapt them to your own site.

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Joomla! versus usability

My first experience of Joomla! leaves me thinking that …

I understand that Joomla! is a much larger framework than WordPress and caters for a vast array of potential uses that the individual CMS user may never need. But all this extra functionality results in levels of complexity that impede a smooth workflow; it seems that the concept of usability has been tuned out in the march towards a chef d’oeuvre of engineering interwoven with multiple layers of options.

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