Joomla! versus usability

My first experience of Joomla! leaves me thinking that …

I understand that Joomla! is a much larger framework than WordPress and caters for a vast array of potential uses that the individual CMS user may never need. But all this extra functionality results in levels of complexity that impede a smooth workflow; it seems that the concept of usability has been tuned out in the march towards a chef d’oeuvre of engineering interwoven with multiple layers of options.

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The 7 point usability checklist

Key usability factors for assessing a website

Take a methodical approach when assessing the usability of a website. If you consider specific key areas instead of forming a general impression you will arrive at a more in-depth assessment. Otherwise you risk being blinded by whatever gloss the designer has applied over the top, or by whatever result you want to see.

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