SEO advice from Google experts

Improving search engine optimisation for your website

Original content is a key factor that influences Google in placing your site at the top of its results page, but here I am presenting content available elsewhere dating from way back in 2010 (which happens to still be relevant today). However I am not merely reproducing it, I am reviewing it and hence transforming it from unGoogleable video into searchable text.

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SEO versus usability – information architecture

Balancing opposing ways to attract customers

Information architecture can be defined as the structural design of information. It combines organisation, labelling, search and navigation systems to present that information in a logical way.

The first question to address on your website is who the information is intended for, and however simple that question may appear there are two main competing interests each championed by its own discipline…


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Improving site architecture for great SEO

Everything apart from elements

Site architecture includes every component that goes to build your site other than the standard XHTML elements themselves. Think of these as the nuts and bolts holding together the furniture that your content sits on. You should review these in terms of SEO instead of relying on the content itself to do the work.

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HTML for SEO impact

Modifying HTML elements to achieve the best SEO

Content is often the first area considered when improving SEO but the HTML itself can contribute towards the impact. Take a moment to look at the construction behind your presentation to reveal how it could be improved.

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