IFTTT recipe to copy from Instagram to Google Plus

Copy Instagram images using IFTTT and Buffer

You can share individual Instagram images using share buttons within the app, but if you want to share every image that can be a slow process… In the settings for business accounts you can set up automatic sharing to your Facebook page but there’s no facility for automatic sharing to other networks.


When it comes to automatic sharing your first thought may be IFTTT. However you’ll find that Google Plus limits what automation is permissible – it’s impossible to share directly between IFTTT and Google Plus. You can get round this restriction by using Buffer as a stepping stone to create an IFTTT recipe between the two services.

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A beginner’s video guide to ifttt.com

Start automating your life with IFTTT

There are always new starters looking for a good video to give them an introduction. So take a look and pass it on.

If This Then That is a free web service that lets you connect your account on one site such as Twitter to a different one such as Dropbox. This makes it possible to automate your life on the web – for example, when you post a tweet it can automatically reappear in your Dropbox account. So with ifttt you can get the web to perform the tasks you want without having to spend any time at all.

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How to automate websites to work together using ifttt.com

A 10 step guide to setting up your first task with ifttt.com

If This Then That is a free web service that enables you to connect information from one site such as WordPress to a totally different one such as Dropbox. The concept is phenomenal but the process is easy.

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