10 tweetable quotes to clear your mind, and 5 for Pinterest too

My favourite quotes to let your subconscious do the thinking

Clear your mind and you give it the space to find the answer you’re looking for. It’s a strange paradox but the time you spend not thinking about a problem is as important as the time you do. The key is to leave your thoughts in the back of your mind and let your subconscious do the work. Give it a try, even if you have to set a stopwatch for your timeout – you stand a better chance than with the alternative…

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Why every business needs a Pinterest Halloween

Harness a social meme to rise to the top of the SERPs

Halloween is celebrated across society, every echelon and every age. It’s a social meme that connects all our lives in an age when each individual can choose from a thousand personal opportunities to do their own thing. You may already mention Halloween on social media but a Pinterest presence gives it a more permanent base for years to come.


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Pinterest marketing – creating a space for ideas

Generating leads from things you can't sell

Pinterest is more than a resting place for wish lists of fashion must-haves, crafting how-tos and scrapbook recipes. It’s a tool used by consumers to hone their buying intentions. Pinterest is used to extend awareness of what is available, it enables users to investigate trends and it places products in a lifestyle environment. Pinterest has a role from the first inkling right up to the final purchase decision – indeed research shows that more than half of Pinterest users consult the app in-store.

Pinterest retro freezer advert

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10 tweetable quotes for good ideas, and 5 for Pinterest too

My favourite quotes for thinking big

It happens to us all – your mind gets blocked and your ideas get stuck. Here are some of my favourite quotes to get you over the hump, make you think bigger and point the way to a new way of doing things.

For best effect, stand up and read them out loud…

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