Who needs passion, find a profitable niche

Or strike a balance?

One common piece of advice given to entrepreneurs is Follow Your Passion. We’ve all heard it, I’ve said it many times. It’s something that sounds like it makes sense. But if you want to find a profitable niche is it the right advice?

Choose passion or find a profitable niche seesaw

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Top 10 niche markets for new internet business ideas

Niche business opportunities in 2015

In 2014 more new companies were created in the UK than ever before, amounting to more than one start-up a minute. It’s the same story across the world. A new report by Startups.co.uk gives a detailed analysis of emerging business and consumer trends identifying the top business opportunities expected to take off in 2015. I’m looking for a new area to start a niche blog so this caught my attention.

www-internet business ideas

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Find a niche and dominate a niche – top 5 best-selling books

The 5 best-selling books to find a niche

I was talking recently to Richard Martin of SmartIncomeDetective.com. He happened to revisit sites that he’d built and abandoned years ago. Forgotten sites were bringing in revenue long after he’d turned his back on them. With a little bit of effort those neglected sites could become very profitable businesses.

Find a niche target arrow

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