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Original content is a key factor that influences Google in placing your site at the top of its results page, but here I am presenting content available elsewhere dating from way back in 2010 (which happens to still be relevant today). However I am not merely reproducing it, I am reviewing it and hence transforming it from unGoogleable video into searchable text.

This video features good-humoured and helpful advice from Matt Cutts, Tiffany Lane, Greg Grothaus and Vanessa Fox recorded at Google I/O as they offer critiques on the searchability of several sites. They point out the funny and obvious that clients often fail to grasp alongside some very interesting insights for the creative professional. It only takes an hour to view but those who can’t wait for the SEO nuggets are free to scroll to my bare bullets.

SEO nuggets

  • Encourage user reviews and comments to further describe the content so creating more keywords and depth of information.
  • Create a blog to further expand and highlight your content.
  • Choose an appropriate domain name, bearing in mind that loyalty will accrue to a name that is brandable as well as relevant.
  • Display content prominently above the fold uncluttered by the usual furniture if possible (I am reminded of a client whose original content was hidden away well below the fold in PDF files ‘for the convenience of visitors to download’…).
  • A secure site is essential as Google will block sites disseminating malware (Google Webmaster Tools offers a free check to make sure your site is healthy).
  • A high ranking for a keyword is not the only goal to aim for as visitors come from all across the web (consider flickr, business listings, videos and all that the social web provides).
  • Most importantly you do not want mere rankings but what they lead to, namely more traffic. And looking more closely, it is not mere traffic that you are aiming for but conversions. Hence what you really want is for the search engine results page to attract interested visitors and for this you must craft the meta description for each individual page as this is the description that the searching human reads.

Although the search engine is the first step in achieving visibility for your site it is the eyes of the user that have to want to stay there.

When all is said and done Google’s computers are programmed to search only for clues of what they think a human would want to find which is something no computer can really understand… so that should make SEO an easy race to win for the human reading this article?

Remember – fresh content can help improve your rankings. For search engines when you add new content to your pages you add relevancy to your site, and that includes other pages too.

SEO advice from Google experts
SEO advice from Google experts
The areas where SEO can impact your rankings and improve other factors in order to increase traffic and create brand loyalty.
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