The combination of SEO techniques

It takes many small ingredients to make one SEO success

SEO is achieved through the combination of small details which in themselves are unspectacular but combine to create a big impact. In order to succeed SEO needs to seep through every detail of the website. These details will be unspectacular to the untrained website owner who is likely to assess effectiveness in terms only of the ultimate page rank achieved.

Molecular Relationsips

These are the biggest little details that you should aim to get right – they work together and add up to more:

  • Searchable – make sure your content can be found by the people you want to find it using the terms they use. I recall one etailer I worked for continually promoting ‘footwear’ whereas people were actually searching for their terminology which was ‘shoes and boots’.
  • Spelling out to search engines and visitors – do not assume people (or computers) understand what you want to get across; you have to take their hand and cover every base.
  • Clear organisation – without order your content becomes a morass that’s impossible to sift through; people prefer to pick the bits they want so don’t assume they’ll be willing to spend time sifting through irrelevance no matter how much of a gem it is to you.
  • The benefits of search engines offer benefits to visitors too – always consider that the organisation and structure you provide to satisfy searchbots is organisation that the visitor will appreciate too.
  • Ranking – website owners can lose site of their business goals and aim only for ranking, which is only an intermediate step. You want to rank for keywords merely in order to attract people to your site and that is where you can achieve your goals.

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