Unlock the power of infographics (Infographic)

Propel your message with visual content

On Page One I examine each section in detail, studying the data and adding information from other sources.
On this page you can explore the full infographic or download the original. Please scroll to the bottom for a list of sources.

Infographic – how visual content worksInfographic by: Market Domination Media

An infographic takes your key points and translates them into a more effective message that people are ready to study and share. Here are the facts that stand out, and the reasons you should be using infograhics across the board:

  • Visual content is processed 60,000 times faster than text.
  • Images are more convincing than text.
  • ‘Infographics’ is a popular search term in itself.
  • Publishers of infographics see traffic grow 12% faster.


Unlock the power of infographics
Unlock the power of infographics
Infographics translate complex information into a form that's easier to read and understand, increasing effectiveness and shareability.
  • Haha, there’s me being proud of the infographic in my own blog and turns out you’re an expert :-) An infographic about infographics – it’s great and really informative. I knew I liked them – and now I know why:-)

    And yes, you’re right they work much better (for me) when broken up into little chunks like you did in your post. Thanks for such an interesting post. I will share it. Joy

    • Good to see you Joy, glad you found it interesting. Thanks for calling me an expert :)

      And thank you for telling me what you think of the chunks issue! For me, many infographics are so dense with information you don’t know where to look…

  • Joan White

    Thanks for sharing this on Facebook, Joy. I have now found something new to use in my online quest. As fr big or small chunks, I like them both. Small chunks were effective in this post and in Joy’s post I liked the larger one but I did find myself needing to scroll up to reference it where as in this post I didn’t. Something for me to consider

    • Good to see you, Joan, thanks for dropping by.

      Good point about having to scroll to review points in long infographics, I hand’t thought of it that way. Something to bear in mind if an infographic needs supporting text.

  • Thanks so much for this. I have been wanting to start creating infographics for my website, but now I’m conviced I should get started.

    • The power of visuals is really important for the web, it’s the way the future’s heading. Glad you like the article, Kristina, let me know how you go with your first infographic :)

  • Excellent info and happy to share all over the web!

    • Great, Liz, I’m glad you like it, thanks for sharing :)

    • Godson Joshua

      Liz…Nice to meet you online with on our online DISQUS. surprisingly, I contact you. You look peaceful and friendly too … You are most welcome…Thank you for your conduct…. (br.godsonjoshua@gmail.com)

  • Genius concepts… An incredible blog!

    This sort of data/sensory correlation has always fascinated me… ;o)

    • I am so glad you like it, thank you for commenting :)

  • Hi, Donald,

    You know, I’ve just started paying attention to info graphics, so this blog post is very timely for me! :-)

    Visuals are very powerful, I completely agree because I am a very visual learner. I think it’s brilliant because you’re right, the info graphic is taken to a wider audience.

    You make an excellent point when sharing about emotional understanding, boy is that image making a strong statement!

    Now, I’ll be bookmarking your post to use for the SEO help when I’m ready to create my first info graphic. Thanks!

    Sharing with my friends…

    – Carol

    • Looking forward to seeing your infographic, Carol, I think you can rely on a lot of people studying every detail.

      I think I’m going to stick with the little chunks method of presentation, rather than one long block – I know myself that my eyes glaze over if it all looks the same. Looking forward to seeing how you do it!

      Glad this post could be of some help to you, thanks for sharing.