Who needs passion, find a profitable niche

Or strike a balance?

One common piece of advice given to entrepreneurs is Follow Your Passion. We’ve all heard it, I’ve said it many times. It’s something that sounds like it makes sense. But if you want to find a profitable niche is it the right advice?

Choose passion or find a profitable niche seesaw

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Best WordPress hosting review – SiteGround

The ideal solution for speed and reliability at the right price

One of the most critical elements in a website is good web hosting. If your site is down or slow all your hard work takes a hit. We all know visitors don’t wait around and you won’t impress Google either. If you’re like me you’ll have enough speed problems with too many plugins and a mountain of things to get on top of. Thankfully a few months ago I found the best WordPress hosting – SiteGround.


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11 places to find business ideas online

Look for inspiration on the web

The internet offers a huge range of places to find business ideas and they’re so convenient to browse. I don’t know what I’d do without it. In the beginning of your search, ramble through a few sources rather than focus on a single one. I think of it as getting familiar with the category, it’s not a purposeful task like drilling for oil… at least not to begin with.


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The 3 best mind map tools for online use, and why they work

The best mind map tool for your needs and your budget

Mind-mapping can get more out of all sorts of problem-solving. Brainstorming, planning, note-taking, research… But it’s also good for presenting complex information with ease, and it’s such a break from PowerPoint.

MindMap - Best mind map tool

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