Organic SEO or PPC advertising?

Different situations require different combinations

There are two broad routes to attracting visitors to your website – Pay Per Click advertising or the free route of Search Engine Optimisation and recommendation. So SEO or PPC? There are advantages to each option and they can of course be combined to suit your situation.

  • PPC can provide the quickest results – your paying for eyes to be shown instantly what your website has to offer. It doesn’t require that your website was previously well-known or that it even existed, there’s no need for any further changes to be made to your content and it doesn’t require any expertise. Your only limit is budget but you only pay when your advert is clicked – the more successful your advertising the more you pay and vice versa. Additionally these paid links will themselves create future natural links as hopefully customers will spread the word and return.
  • In contrast SEO is entirely free, after any initial setup fees though ongoing monitoring is advisable and would come at a cost. The effects take longer to materialise but are long-term and continuing. Over the long term it can be more cost effective than PPC as ‘the campaign’ never ends. Also customers perceive the website to be more trustworthy in itself free from the scepticism that can surround advertising.

In most cases these two methods are of course combined at least to some extent. Often advertising is employed early in the life of the website for a quick response or used to highlight particular promotions for an extra push but the ongoing impetus relies on fundamentally good SEO.

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