Keywords as the foundation of SEO

The terms people search for

One of the fundamental concepts of SEO is keywords – these are the search terms that people enter into Google in order to find what they are looking for. There is no magic here – people will click through to your website from Google if your content contains the keywords that they are looking for (and Google gives your content a high ranking on the search results page, but that’s another story…).

  • Develop a dynamic list to underpin the whole site – use several methods on an ongoing basis to come up with the terms that are relevant to you.
  • Prioritise the list of keywords – you can’t optimise your content for every word in the dictionary and some will bring in much more value.
  • Recognise the broad search terms that people use as well as niche qualifiers.
    • Provide general information that covers the broad area as well as niche information for your specific products. In this way you will attract the greatest number of visitors from the earliest stage in the purchasing cycle – they will be less likely to lead to conversions but it will help to establish your site’s visibility.
    • Narrow search terms are more useful later in the purchasing cycle and these are more likely to lead to conversion for the smaller numbers of visitors they will attract.
  • Define the core terms most relevant to your business – be specific enough for those terms to produce a relevant result but broad enough to cover a wide range of much more targeted phrases. So consider these as headings under which you group other terms. These core terms will probably be two or three words long. You should aim to map each core term to individual pages of your website, or otherwise ensure that each core term is appropriately addressed.
  • Alongside your core terms you need to develop core term qualifiers to narrow down customer searches. Most searches do in fact use longer phrases so you should aim to establish the qualifiers that your potential visitors will use.

The key task that determines the success of your SEO plan is defining your keywords. Nothing deserves more time. Keep honing your list for excellence and freshness and in doing so you’ll be forging your business precisely in line with what consumers want to buy.

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