Wearable computing becomes smart jewellery

Evolution of the wearable market according to user profiles

Wearable computing is evolving into separate niche markets. The ‘old’ days of cramming every function into one product has gone. At CES 2015 new offerings are targeted at specific user profiles – such as wearables with storage for maps and GPS targeted at cross-country hikers. This specialisation reflects the fact that many wearables are often discarded by consumers within a year of purchase.

Misfit Swarovski wearables

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Social media is integral to the Internet of Things

The next social marketing revolution

One of the greatest impacts that the internet has had since it began is the massive change in behaviour brought about by social media.

‘Trendz: 2030, Here We Come’ by Richard van Hooijdonk

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10 ways you can use the Internet of Things now

The next internet revolution has already begun

You may have heard the latest internet buzzword – the Internet of Things. You can see it around you as everyday objects and other features of the physical world become smart. Wireless technology is used to connect objects, locations or even animals to directly transmit and share data with the purpose of co-ordinating all their individual responses in one ongoing seamless flow.

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