Visual depths and surfaces

Photographic vision of ojo blanco

ojo blanco is Lester Weiss. He is a photographic artist based in Brazil with a remarkable eye for combining intricate layers of reality and surface tensions. His images often create one poetic whole from individual reflections, distortions and distressed fragments. The viewer sees a non-literal composition with interest across the entire visual field.

Copyright Lester Weiss

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Photographic inspiration most extraordinaire

Refresh your eyes with Pink's

Pink’s is Vanessa Lamounier de Assis. She is a young artist based in the Netherlands with a very wide range of talents. Her techniques range across collage, paint and photographic reflections. Her images are vibrant and her ideas unconventional. This combination is sure to provoke a reaction. She has the power to inspire, and that’s across whatever media you use. You can tell from these pictures that she frees herself from the old rules. She is inviting you to do the same.

Photographic image - Copyright Vanessa Lamounier de Assis
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