15 digital trends for your business to ride in 2015 (infographic)

How to profit from the future of digital

It seems revolutions in digital media rise from nowhere only to be replaced by something better than anyone has ever imagined. But digital media itself gives up the data that shows what’s ahead.

Bell Pottinger Digital has revealed its 15 predictions for digital trends in 2015. They looked at the most discussed trends over 2014 and the increase in mentions throughout the year so as to predict what will be the greatest trends in marketing for the next year.

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Where to find free images for commercial or any other use…

A list to Upvote, Update and Bookmark

Grab a free image and do as you please without tripping over fine print. You’ll find articles across the web about a rash of sites each with their own license requirements – this list is the opposite. What you get here is speed.

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9 blogging tools that I use (and one that I can’t)

Tools, services and plugins that I count on

The business of blogging keeps overflowing with things to do. As well as researching your next post you’re coming up with ideas for the one after and you still haven’t finished promoting the one before. You have to keep on top of what’s happening in your industry, what your readers want to see on your blog and how to reach out to people scattered across social media. After everything else you need to assess how well all these clicks are converting.

Here are the tools that I rely on to take the strain…

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