IFTTT recipe to copy from Instagram to Google Plus

Copy Instagram images using IFTTT and Buffer

You can share individual Instagram images using share buttons within the app, but if you want to share every image that can be a slow process… In the settings for business accounts you can set up automatic sharing to your Facebook page but there’s no facility for automatic sharing to other networks.


When it comes to automatic sharing your first thought may be IFTTT. However you’ll find that Google Plus limits what automation is permissible – it’s impossible to share directly between IFTTT and Google Plus. You can get round this restriction by using Buffer as a stepping stone to create an IFTTT recipe between the two services.

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37 blogging topics for an ecommerce blog

Ideas to keep the conversation flowing in your blog (and on social media)

One of the best strategies for an ecommerce site is to create a company blog. You present a human face to what may otherwise seem little more than a business operation. But a blog enables more than one-way communication, it’s a place where your customers can interact. And where people mix, ideas mix too so your blog could become an incubator for your best business ideas.

There are also important SEO benefits to having an ecommerce blog. Your brand is shared across social media and there are more opportunities to rank in Google for relevant keywords.

Blog conversation

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Is your site lagging behind web design trends? (infographic)

Judge how far your site is from the styles of 2015

Web design trends evolve continually and websites that don’t change with them begin to look stale. The main driver for change is the phenomenal rate of technological advance in the online landscape. The result is that your site may be lagging behind what visitors expect to see.

An old design can lead visitors to perceive your whole company as out-of-step with with the rest of the market and out-of-step with their own life-style. Of course perceptions may have no rational basis, it’s just how the human mind works…

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Wearable computing becomes smart jewellery

Evolution of the wearable market according to user profiles

Wearable computing is evolving into separate niche markets. The ‘old’ days of cramming every function into one product has gone. At CES 2015 new offerings are targeted at specific user profiles – such as wearables with storage for maps and GPS targeted at cross-country hikers. This specialisation reflects the fact that many wearables are often discarded by consumers within a year of purchase.

Misfit Swarovski wearables

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