Is your site lagging behind web design trends? (infographic)

Judge how far your site is from the styles of 2015

Web design trends evolve continually and websites that don’t change with them begin to look stale. The main driver for change is the phenomenal rate of technological advance in the online landscape. The result is that your site may be lagging behind what visitors expect to see.

An old design can lead visitors to perceive your whole company as out-of-step with with the rest of the market and out-of-step with their own life-style. Of course perceptions may have no rational basis, it’s just how the human mind works…

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SEO advice from Google experts

Improving search engine optimisation for your website

Original content is a key factor that influences Google in placing your site at the top of its results page, but here I am presenting content available elsewhere dating from way back in 2010 (which happens to still be relevant today). However I am not merely reproducing it, I am reviewing it and hence transforming it from unGoogleable video into searchable text.

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Website design tweaks

Learn a Living

Learn a Living has a fresh web design aimed at the youth market with funky colours, informal graphics and styling and floating behind it all a pleasing drift of background elements. Although the overall impact is very appealing, when judging a website the most important factor is how it functions , and herein lies scope for a few important tweaks.

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Microsoft Excel – customising chart colours to match your website

Changing the colour palette in Excel 2003

If you need to create charts for your site you can choose from a multitude of online applications with flashy results but after trial and error I have found that they all lack the precision and customisation by the tool I used in presentations in the world of finance – good old Excel.

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