A beginner’s video guide to ifttt.com

Start automating your life with IFTTT

There are always new starters looking for a good video to give them an introduction. So take a look and pass it on.

If This Then That is a free web service that lets you connect your account on one site such as Twitter to a different one such as Dropbox. This makes it possible to automate your life on the web – for example, when you post a tweet it can automatically reappear in your Dropbox account. So with ifttt you can get the web to perform the tasks you want without having to spend any time at all.

To create your first ‘recipe’ take a look at our 10 step guide for beginners: How to automate websites to work together using ifttt.com.

If you prefer the ready-made approach, you might find it even easier to re-use an existing recipe that other people have already found useful. Go to the top navigation at ifttt.com and select Browse. Alternatively click on Channels to explore recipes that have been created for the specific channels you use.

Other uses of IFTTT

IFTTT also offers channels for physical objects that can be controlled by your smartphone, e.g. the Nest Thermostat Channel for the Nest Learning Thermostat on Amazon. There are already several hundreds of recipes created for Nest. It’s a fascinating introduction to what could be possible with the Internet of Things. Nest allows you to control the temperature of your home automatically in response to triggers from your environment or smartphone, such as your expected time to arrive home after setting out from work.

As well as home automation there are IFTTT channels for health and fitness wearable technology, such as the Fitbitactivity tracker and sleep wristband or a smart watch such as the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo, both from Amazon.

The process is easy. It takes more time to explain what to do than to just do it.

When you start exploring IFTTT you’ll find that the uses are almost endless. It’s astounding when you add in the potential for controlling physical objects and wearable technology. Whatever you use the web for now and in the future, you’ll find a way to streamline it using IFTTT.


A beginner's video guide to ifttt.com
A beginner's video guide to ifttt.com
Clear and easy video introduction to IFTTT. Find out how to automate the websites you use and connect physical objects with your phone.

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