IFTTT recipe to copy from Instagram to Google Plus

Copy Instagram images using IFTTT and Buffer

You can share individual Instagram images using share buttons within the app, but if you want to share every image that can be a slow process… In the settings for business accounts you can set up automatic sharing to your Facebook page but there’s no facility for automatic sharing to other networks.


When it comes to automatic sharing your first thought may be IFTTT. However you’ll find that Google Plus limits what automation is permissible – it’s impossible to share directly between IFTTT and Google Plus. You can get round this restriction by using Buffer as a stepping stone to create an IFTTT recipe between the two services.


IFTTT recipe to copy from Instagram to Google Plus via Buffer

  1. Within Buffer set Google as your default channel. To do this hover your cursor to the left of the profile name and click the white circle to fill it with a tick.
  2. The easiest option is to then copy the following recipe and change it within IFTTT to fit your own details. That’s all it takes!

    IFTTT Recipe: Copy from Instagram to Google Plus via Buffer connects instagram to buffer

    If you prefer the long way round
    skip to step three to create the recipe manually.

  3. * * *

  4. To create the full recipe from scratch click on My Recipes in the menu on IFTTT.com.
  5. Click the big blue button ‘Create a recipe’.
  6. Select the Instagram channel.
  7. For a Trigger select ‘Any new photo by you’. Alternatively select ‘New photo by you tagged’ so that the recipe fires only when you include the specified tag on Instagram (such as ‘Google’ or whatever you like).
  8. When you’re presented with a choice of channels for the Action to be performed select Buffer.
  9. Select ‘Add a photo to Buffer’
  10. If you used the Trigger ‘New photo by you tagged’ you can strip away that tag from your Google Plus post. For the ‘Add a photo to Buffer’ click on the ingredients symbol in the description box and add ‘CaptionNoTag’.
  11. Click the big blue button to ‘Create Action’ and then finally ‘Create Recipe’.

That’s it – now whenever you post an image on Instagram it appears on your Google Plus timeline. And the more people who use this IFTTT recipe the sooner Google will free up Google Plus – maybe one day you won’t need to set up a recipe at all…


IFTTT recipe to copy from Instagram to Google Plus
IFTTT recipe to copy from Instagram to Google Plus
An IFTTT recipe using Buffer as a stepping stone to post Instagram images to Google Plus. This gets round Google's restriction on automation.
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