Find a niche and dominate a niche – top 5 best-selling books

The 5 best-selling books to find a niche

I was talking recently to Richard Martin of He happened to revisit sites that he’d built and abandoned years ago. Forgotten sites were bringing in revenue long after he’d turned his back on them. With a little bit of effort those neglected sites could become very profitable businesses.

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Richard encouraged me to create an affiliate site for an ongoing passive income without putting in any effort at all beyond the initial set-up. He proved it could work so I was inspired to delve more deeply into the profit potential of a good niche.

You’ll find advice across the internet on how to find a niche but here are the bestsellers on Amazon to give you a working blueprint from the experts.

The Niche Website ATM: how you can set up a stupid simple niche website and make hundreds a month on complete autopilot

If you’re looking for simple strategies that work this kindle-book gives you all the information you need. It’s ideal for both the beginner and someone with more experience in online marketing. It shows you how to make money online using simple websites. The book covers the first steps from how to find a niche and setting up your site with the right host, to choosing the most effective keywords and SEO, back-linking techniques and email opt-in forms for list-building.

Redd Myles writes in a witty style that keeps you reading. The text is short and to the point. He focuses on what you have to do to find a niche with potential and gives lots of case studies that show it working. I recommend this for people who want easy-to-understand information with proven results.

How to Make $2000 Each Month Building Niche Website Portfolios

This is a practical guide on how to find a niche and make money as an affiliate marketer. It covers a wide range of areas that an affiliate marketer must know, including building a WordPress website, WordPress plugins, page speed, generating traffic and converting that traffic into customers. The plan is to create multiple sites to generate a steady income. Darren Stock not only tells you what to do but also what not to do.

A key feature of this kindle-book is that it focuses on how you can create an income that is realistic, rather than dreaming of a fortune. It’s an enjoyable read in a straightforward and easy-to-follow style.

Authority Affiliate Marketing: 12 Steps to Long-Term Profits with a Single Niche

The opposite of a ‘get-rich-quick scheme’, this kindle-book sets down a blueprint to generate a long-term passive income. It gives clear explanations for how to find a niche with an audience ready to buy affiliate offers from some of the biggest affiliate networks. You get actionable steps to build an affiliate marketing business from scratch – how to find a niche, assess its profitability, set up a website, creating content, building an email list and other critical information.

Steve Scott has a loyal following for his books. They’re based on the lessons he’s learned as a successful online entrepreneur. That includes the mistakes he’s made too so you can avoid them. This book is a good read with good advice that works.

Niche Websites – How to Create a Passive Income Online Today!

A step-by-step guide to generating a passive income from niche websites. Ed Lange covers all the practicalities from how to find a niche, selecting the best products to promote, how to set up your website, finding a good host, keyword research and generating traffic. All this and this kindle-book shows you how to make money from your niche. You’re encouraged to state a figure as your goal and then aim for it.

Ed Lange has written many books and has a loyal following. The book is slightly longer than most in this area so you can expect lots of detail and advice. The style is straightforward with 80 pages of an easy-to-understand good read.

Niche Marketing Ideas & Niche Markets. Finding Niches Made Easy

At last, a book made of paper!

Christine Clayfield is a successful internet marketer with a string of successful books to her name. Here she gives you the tools and strategies she uses herself to find a niche. And then she tells you how to target that niche to make money. The book is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to researching niches, establishing whether a niche is really profitable, what to avoid, online and offline tools, the impact of trends and many more personal recommendations.

This book delivers everything you need to find a niche and says it in a straight-up easy-to-understand style.

I began this article by pointing out that a niche site can generate income on autopilot. You need to remember that autopilot isn’t a fast route to riches. You can find a niche but to succeed with internet marketing takes a lot of time and effort. Study the advice given in guides like those I recommend here.In general what I’ve learned is to expect a small but continuous source of revenue from each niche. Clearly it would make sense to have more than one niche in your portfolio. When you find a niche you should plan to rinse and repeat for a combined income from many niches.

You can find some suggestions for markets to research in Top 10 niche markets for new internet business ideas.


Find a niche and dominate a niche – top 5 best-selling books
Find a niche and dominate a niche – top 5 best-selling books
Find a niche to create income on autopilot. If you invest time and effort, rinse and repeat, you're building a future with a portfolio.
  • Kornelia Santoro

    Great article, very interesting.

    • Hi, Kornelia, thank you, glad you like it

  • Mika Douglas

    Thank you for sharing

    • Hi, Mika, thank you :)

  • Hey Donald,

    Well I know Richard and I know Steve and they both are doing really well from their affiliate sites. I know what you mean that we should learn from people who are getting the kind of results that we would like to get. I know they both are for sure.

    Thank you for sharing these books with us and I’m sure if you recommend them then they’re definitely good ones. Not in the market to create any niche sites at the moment but you never know. These guys really impress me with what they’ve been able to achieve so I know it’s a great direction to go.


    • Hi, Adrienne, you know everyone :)

      I don’t have any time at the moment for creating a separate niche site but I can see it’s a good idea. I’m definitely going to do it at some point but not just at the moment. Maybe later this year, we’ll see…

      Thanks for commenting!

  • Hello, Donald,

    Very interesting topic indeed. :-) I’m sure your recommended guides are great for what you’re talking about achieving.

    However, I am a firm believer in the authority site model, not small niche sites. I do know niche affiliate sites can bring in some income, I have one, but am seriously thinking of selling it.

    I want to focus all my energy and attention on building up my main money site, my hub on the Internet, my authority site.

    Will be sharing this out because I think it’s a good resource for those with the affiliate niche site model. Thanks for sharing!


    • Hey, Carol, I knew you’d be against a portfolio of little sites :)

      You really have a very strong belief in the one big authority site, and I admire how fixed you are. Focusing your energies on making that one big site better does make sense, but the basket of niche sites does look good to me too.

      Thanks for dropping by, have a good weekend!

      • Hi, Donald,

        I’m not ‘against’ them, as I said – I have one. I’ve experienced that the maintenance is distracting for me. It does make some money, yes, but to me, it’s not worth the effort. To crank up the income, I’d have to crank up the attention I put on it, and that’s not the model I prefer.

        Whatever we put our attention on…Grows! :-)

        I have many income streams, not just my authority site. I have my hosting site, Host With Carol, and my PLR Shoppe as well as my affiliate/niche site.

        The main hub will always be my biggest focus because it takes a lot of work, time and energy to do a great job with one site, much less several. Been there, done that.

        I’ve done some simplifying and streamlining in 2014 to get rid of little things that bring a trickle of income but zap my focus.

        Just sharing my experience. I’m not against them, I still have one, but prefer the authority site model.

        Thought I’d clarify a bit. Thanks, Donald!


        • Sorry, Carol, I knew the word ‘against’ was a bit strong. Just not your thing.

          ‘Whatever we put our attention on… Grows!’ – that should be a Tweetable!

          Cheers :)

  • Hi Donald,

    Niche sites are something I have thought about before. I am still working to get an effective system with my blog. Adding a little more automation to take of some of the work load etc.

    I think the title of the post says it all really. You have to first find the right niche in order to dominate!

    Thanks for the resources. I’m leaning toward Darrens Stocks book right now!

    Take care.

    • Hi, Steve, that’s my view too at the moment,. There’s a lot I’ve got to get sorted with this blog before I start introducing niche sites alongside.

      It’s exciting but for now I just want to know about it without putting it in practice.

      Glad to see you, thanks for commenting!

  • Hi Donald,

    Yes passive income is sweet isn’t :) With quite some upfront effort and little maintenance niche websites can act as a source of steady passive income. I have couple such websites and it is cool to see earnings from those sites, given the effort I am putting in every month (little or nothing during some months).

    I’ve read most of Steve’s Kindle books and they’re powerful with practical tips. I’m checking out all the books – thanks for the recommendation. I’ll end up buying something in this list.

    Thanks once again :) Have a great week!


    • Hi, Jane, you are so right about how it’s good that niche websites can bring in income with little maintenance. I’m quite envious that you’ve got a couple of them up and working already :) I’m hoping to set up my first one later this year, I just have to make time to get it started.

      Thanks for recommending Steve Scott, I’ll take a look at his other books too. He must be good if you’ve read most of his other books. It sounds like you’ve got a lot of experience in this area.

      Thanks for commeniting, speak soon :)

  • Hey Donald,

    Interesting post. Affiliate sites are truly interesting and I have one that I operate that’s strictly based on sales from affiliate marketing — though I don’t update it at all though. I should put a little bit more effort into it.

    Interestingly enough, I was reading a site that talks about building authority sites actually. Some really good info.

    But my primary goal, is to make the majority of my money on my main site — that’s why I’m starting to monetize it.

    Good stuff regardless. Good luck with it.

    – Andrew

    • Hi, Andrew, the more I hear people saying they have a niche site too the more I want one :)

      You sound as if you’ve got it all under control. Hopefully I’ll be setting up my first niche site later this year, I’ve just got to make some time.

      Looking forward to see your monetisation plans.

      Thanks for commenting, have a good week.

  • Bonnie Gean

    Hi Donald,

    All the books sound like wonderful resources, but I learn better online with courses than I do by reading a book. The main reason is because i am online for most of the day, if I’m not being a mom and wife first. :)

    I never have time to sit down and read a book. Seems like everything I buy these days is either a PDF, Kindle book or email course. :)

    I’m sure others will enjoy your selections!

    Have a great week!

    – Bonnie

    • Hi, Bonnie, thanks for reminding me about courses. We are opposites here, it wouldn’t enter my head to do another course!

      I’ve done enough in my time to know that I prefer it all wrapped up in a package I can refer back to – I think my main problem is having to be alert for the duration of a course where I can put down a book when I want to:)

      But a great point I hadn’t considered. Thank you, speak soon.

  • Hi Donald, first time on your blog :) You’ve presented some great books here, I’ll be sure to check one or two of them out.

    I have a couple of niche sites myself, one of which I haven’t looked at for almost a year now, but is still earning me around $20 per month through AdSense and Amazon, definitely thinking of creating a few more informative niche sites in the future so some of these books will come in handy.

    Thanks again mate, have a great rest of the week and a great Easter weekend ahead!

    • Hi, Fabrizio, good to see you :)

      I’m impressed by how many people have one or more niche sites alread, it inspires me all the more to get my first one up and running. I think it’s great that you have a site earning money with no input from you, I want to go down that road too.

      Thanks again and have a great weekend!

  • Hi Donald.
    This is really and informative post!
    Hey, I am here via your tweet today!
    Well, these are some of the vital points
    one need to concentrate on getting some passive income.
    I need to check it out,
    Thanks for sharing these valuable information
    Keep sharing
    Best Regards
    May you have a wonderful and profitable weekend
    ~ Philip

    • Hi, Philip,

      I’m so pleased you found it informative! And it’s good to know that Twitter works :)

      You are spot on in the need to work out a plan for passive income. It makes sense financially but it’s also a really interesting thing to do.

      Thanks so much for commenting, you have a good weekend too!