Microsoft Excel – customising chart colours to match your website

Changing the colour palette in Excel 2003

If you need to create charts for your site you can choose from a multitude of online applications with flashy results but after trial and error I have found that they all lack the precision and customisation by the tool I used in presentations in the world of finance – good old Excel.

A key tool for chart creation in Excel is the ability to manipulate the default colour palette in line with your colour scheme; the default palette automatically applies colour to a range of formatting including cell fills and chart elements allowing you to create a series of charts all formatted uniformly. I haven’t found this level of detail in online alternatives but perhaps capabilities have progressed?

  • On the Tools menu, click Options and then click the Colour tab
  • Click the first colour that you want to change and then click Modify
    • To replace one standard color with another, click the Standard tab and make your selection
    • For a more precise colour choice, enter your requirements on the Custom tab
    • Repeat for each colour you wish to change

Excel pie chart

Microsoft Excel – customising chart colours to match your website
How to customise chart colours in Microsoft Excel 2003, the Excel version preferred by advanced users for the usability of its settings.

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