Creative thinking exercise: seeing dots

Recognise that other interpretations exist

In the illustration below pink dots appear to flash on and off. Now focus on the plus symbol in the centre of the circle and the moving dot will turn green. As you keep looking, gradually all the pink dots will turn green.

Creative thinking dots

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How to grow your worst idea into a Great Idea

5 questions to challenge your thinking

The key to developing an idea into a Great Idea is to mix around the source elements. You need to re-arrange existing ingredients or perhaps add new ones: the ingredients themselves may be unremarkable, what makes for success is the mix.

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5 places to look for your Eureka moment

Getting the first spark

Most ideas don’t come in a flash of inspiration like a ‘Eureka!’ moment. The reality is that even the most amazing ideas come through an incremental methodical process. That process involves searching for and adapting ‘sub-ideas’ that will be combined to make your ultimate grand idea. In this way you shape the arrival of your Eureka moment. There’s no waiting around for the right idea to arrive fully formed and sparkling with brilliance.

Many small ideas make one Mona LisaImage credit: thekeithhall

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10 steps to propel your creativity into outer space

A plan to maximise your creative thinking ability

Much of our lives is weighed down by analytical thinking – exercising judgement, the need to follow a logical argument, figuring out the correct answer; we eliminate wrong turns and keep to the right path. In contrast creative thinking is an exploratory approach where your mind looks at new ideas and the worlds branching off those ideas; this generates new possibilities where we examine many potential best answers rather than settle on the one perceived to be correct. This plan aims to get you into that orbit.

Creativity rocketImage credit: Marxchivist

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