SCAMPER at Halloween – how to energise a dull idea

50 questions to explode your ideas, and 8 real examples on sale today

SCAMPER is a technique to spark your creative thinking even when your ideas are stuck. It comprises a checklist of questions designed to help you expand an idea into new territory. The technique is an established brainstorming tool that can be implemented in all areas of your life.

Scary Halloween dummy

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10 tweetable quotes for good ideas, and 5 for Pinterest too

My favourite quotes for thinking big

It happens to us all – your mind gets blocked and your ideas get stuck. Here are some of my favourite quotes to get you over the hump, make you think bigger and point the way to a new way of doing things.

For best effect, stand up and read them out loud…

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Google Docs rocks brainstorming

Using Google Docs as a brainstorming tool

Google Docs is more than a web-based office suite. The power of Google Docs lies not in the functionality of individual office programmes but in the ease of collaboration built across the whole suite. The service gives people the ability to write, share and edit a document together in real time with minimal fuss.

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