The 3 best mind map tools for online use, and why they work

The best mind map tool for your needs and your budget

Mind-mapping can get more out of all sorts of problem-solving. Brainstorming, planning, note-taking, research… But it’s also good for presenting complex information with ease, and it’s such a break from PowerPoint.

MindMap - Best mind map tool

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How to generate new ideas or The Reinvention of Normal

Asking questions to unblock your mind

Dominic Wilcox is a designer and inventor who questions the normal way things work. He challenges the very simple things we take for granted to create new unexpected possibilities.

The video shows us that our instinct is to accept the current solution rather than ‘attack’ it with questions. When you’re coming up with new ideas that sort of fresh thinking is what you need.

Enjoy the inspiration!

Directed & Produced by Liam Saint-Pierre with original artwork and animation by Dominic Wilcox

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10 tweetable quotes to clear your mind, and 5 for Pinterest too

My favourite quotes to let your subconscious do the thinking

Clear your mind and you give it the space to find the answer you’re looking for. It’s a strange paradox but the time you spend not thinking about a problem is as important as the time you do. The key is to leave your thoughts in the back of your mind and let your subconscious do the work. Give it a try, even if you have to set a stopwatch for your timeout – you stand a better chance than with the alternative…

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Find an Ebola cure by turning on your computer

Join World Community Grid to get things done

Ebola has been rampaging through West Africa since March 2014 and currently there are no treatments or vaccines. The World Health Organisation has called this the most severe acute public health emergency in modern times.

The Scripps Research Institute needs an enormous supercomputer to analyse every byte of data. World Community Grid can bring together that amount of power from individual devices if enough people join in.

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