Look for a need and find a business idea

8 types of need you can turn into a market opportunity

I’ve created a free ebook for you to download. You can refer back to it whenever you need to dig a little deeper to find the friction in a market – the areas where a solution could smooth out any problems. Some of the aspects I cover include looking for areas to add value, hidden signs of dissatisfaction and extending potential benefits. You’ll also find examples of the companies that dominate the market by unearthing needs that everyone else failed to see.


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Who needs passion, find a profitable niche

Or strike a balance?

One common piece of advice given to entrepreneurs is Follow Your Passion. We’ve all heard it, I’ve said it many times. It’s something that sounds like it makes sense. But if you want to find a profitable niche is it the right advice?

Choose passion or find a profitable niche seesaw

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11 places to find business ideas online

Look for inspiration on the web

The internet offers a huge range of places to find business ideas and they’re so convenient to browse. I don’t know what I’d do without it. In the beginning of your search, ramble through a few sources rather than focus on a single one. I think of it as getting familiar with the category, it’s not a purposeful task like drilling for oil… at least not to begin with.


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