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A 10 step guide to setting up your first task with

If This Then That is a free web service that enables you to connect information from one site such as WordPress to a totally different one such as Dropbox. The concept is phenomenal but the process is easy.

IFTTT creates tasks across websites and other services; if an event triggers on one site then it produces an action on another. For instance, if you are tagged in a photo on Facebook then a copy can be saved automatically to your Dropbox account.

An ever-increasing range of websites and other services are available: Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, ebay, Evernote, Digg and many more.

There are also channels for physical objects that can be controlled by your smartphone, e.g. the Nest Thermostat Channel for the Nest Learning Thermostat on Amazon.

10 steps for sending your favourite tweets to Facebook

As an example we’re going to create a recipe whereby if you favourite a Tweet on Twitter then it sends a copy to your Facebook account.

  1. Log into IFTTT and choose Create in the top navigation menu. In the window that opens up click this to begin the first part of the ‘if this then that’ statement.
  2. IFTTT scrolls to a list of all the channels that are available. Select the one where you want your recipe to begin. For our example select Twitter.
    IFTTT channels
    If you haven’t used the Twitter channel on IFTTT before you will first be asked to activate it. Enter your login details so that IFTTT knows which account to connect to.
  3. You are then presented with a list of triggers specific to that channel (each channel has its own possible triggers, depending on what that website does). For our example select New favourite tweet by you. This means that if you ever mark a tweet as a favourite in Twitter it will trigger this task.


  4. IFTTT scrolls to the next stage where you enter any further details for the ‘if’ statement. For the trigger ‘New favourite tweet by you’ there are no further fields to complete so click Create trigger. (If earlier we’d selected ‘New tweet by you with #hashtag’ there would now be a box to enter the tag).
    IFTTT create trigger
  5. IFTTT now scrolls to the second part of the ‘if this then that’ statement. Click that.
  6. We are now presented with a list of available channels. Select the one where you want the action to take place. For our example select Facebook.
  7. IFTTT now gives us a choice of actions that we can ask Facebook to complete. For our example select Create a link post.
  8. Next up are fields to fine-tune the action. In this example we’re going to delete whatever’s in the title field. If you then click on the big blue ‘plus’ symbol a drop-down appears with a list of ingredients you could add to the title field. Select LinkToTweet.
  9. Similarly for the ‘Message’ field, click on the big blue ‘plus’ symbol and select an ingredient to form the body of the message. For our purposes select TweetEmbedCode.
  10. Click Create Action and IFTTT scrolls to the final step. You can change the recipe title to anything you want. Just click Create recipe and you’re done.
    IFTTT create-recipe

All done. You’ve made your first recipe.
Now every time you favourite a tweet on Twitter a copy will be sent to Facebook.

If you click the triangle symbol alongside the recipe you can share it with everyone else on Or explore the Browse button in the navigation menu to find an existing recipe to copy yourself. Another good starting point is the Channels button on the navigation menu; this highlights recipes that other people have found useful for each particular channel.

As you can see the process is simple. As soon as you find one recipe that saves you time you’ll be looking for another.


How to automate websites to work together for you with
How to automate websites to work together for you with
Description: let's you connect information automatically from one site such as WordPress to a totally different one such as Facebook.