About this blog

I like finding ways in which the web can solve day-to-day problems. Making life better, getting things done and having fun too. I try to live my life in a way that helps make the world a better place and gives everyone an income too – but lots of us want those things, so make yourself at home.

I’ve worked in ecommerce, digital presentation, online merchandising and web design, I have qualifications in commerce and digital media and studied a few other things along the way. The best way to learn is definitely grabbing a book and following a blog.

Before I began working on the web I was a professional photographer. It’s still one of the things I enjoy most and it’s what I do to totally clear my head (running works for me too, but I don’t look forward to that…). You’ll find me popping up on Instagram.

I hope you get some ideas looking at the website. You could start with this list of the top ten most popular posts – the ones that get the most comments and shares. I love it when someone says I’ve given them an idea for a project or an income stream. Let me know if you come up with any ideas too!