3½ little steps for re-using IFTTT recipes

How to automate tasks using a workflow other people swear by

If you understand how to combine the ingredients to make an IFTTT recipe you’ll be able to re-use existing recipes with ease. Ifttt.com has a huge collection of ready-made recipes that other users have created and shared for everyone to use. All you have to do is find what’s right for you.

Finding and re-using IFTTT recipes

  1. In the top navigation at ifttt.com click Browse. Enter a term in the search box to begin your exploration; or simply take a look through the recipes in the Collections, Featured or Trending sections.
Browse - re-using IFTTT recipes
  1. There’s no need to search for a perfect match to your own task at hand; it’s possible to modify the recipe after you’ve selected it. You can re-purpose it to apply to the websites that are relevant to you; for instance you can use an existing recipe but change the trigger from Tumblr to WordPress or any other blogging platform.
  2. When you find a recipe you want to use, click the Use Recipe button at the bottom of the window.
    1. If the recipe requires channels that you haven’t activated yet you’ll be prompted to do so; this simply means adding your login details so that IFTTT is pointing to the right account.
Use button -  for re-using IFTTT recipes

Re-using IFTTT recipes saves time experimenting with what works. You start straightaway with something that you know other people rely on, or at least have found useful.

The potential for automation with IFTTT is huge, however please remember that regardless of how much time can be saved many people believe that some tasks do benefit from a human touch, such as posting on social media. It may not make a difference to you, but it might to the person reading your post.


3½ little steps for re-using IFTTT recipes
3½ little steps for re-using IFTTT recipes
When re-using IFTTT recipes you start off with a workflow that others have already found useful and you can tweak it to fit perfectly.