10 IFTTT recipes to dominate the social media avalanche

Using ifttt.com to handle your workload on social media

You should be looking for ways to protect your two most precious assets – your brain and your time. Use IFTTT to save yourself from social media congestion.

In an ideal world you’ll have the time to look at your routine tasks and browse through the channels at ifttt.com to create your own custom solutions. However the ready-made solution may fit just right. Take a look at these existing IFTTT recipes that other people have found useful and re-purpose them for yourself. Even if they don’t fit perfectly they may spark an idea to create something new…

IFTTT for social interactions

The key to using IFTTT for social media is to remember that your interactions should remain social; it’s only the routine tasks behind the scenes that can be automated. If you break that rule you risk your smile appearing robotic.

So, updating profile pictures across platforms? A simple task perfect for automation; it may even encourage you to update your pictures more often. On the other hand, auto-posting content while ignoring replies and with no regard to what else is going on in the world…? You’d be automating the life out of your social media presence. So choose what works for you.

  1. If you change your Facebook profile picture, then update Twitter profile pictureIFTTT-profile-image-facebook-twitter
  2. If you take an Instagram picture, then post it to Twitter as a native Twitter pictureIFTTT-instagram-twiiter
  3. If you are tagged in photos on Facebook, then download the photo to DropboxIFTTT-download-facebook-tagged-photo---dropbox
  4. If [a competitor] creates a blog post about [subject], then send yourself an emailIFTTT-blog-post-rss---email
  5. If you send a tweet, then add it to a Google Spreadsheet IFTTT-add-twwets---google-spreadsheet
  6. If you add a new post to Buffer, then add it to a Google Calendar viewIFTTT-bugger-to-google-calendar
  7. If you mark a video ‘Watch Later’ on Vimeo, then save it to PocketIFTTT-mark-watch-later-on-vimeo---pocket
  8. If you post a pin on Pinterest, then add the image to TwitterIFTTT-rss-feed-to-twitter
  9. If you tag an Instagram image, then send it to your Facebook Page


  10. If an entry is added to Google Calendar with the title ‘ScheduleTweet’, then tweet the DescriptionIFTTT-google-calendar-twitter

I’ve heard a lot of people say they don’t like automating social media. This sounds like a noble stance as it identifies the importance of the social aspect. However, there’s an opportunity to look more closely and see what parts of the process can be stripped away using IFTTT recipes. This should leave you time to concentrate on the areas that do benefit from a human touch.


10 IFTTT recipes to dominate the social media avalanche
10 IFTTT recipes to dominate the social media avalanche
Use IFTTT recipes to clear social media congestion, make it work better without automating the life out of your social media presence.
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  • Hey, Donald –

    I’ve heard of this before, I think Kim Roach mentioned it in one of her trainings. I think it’s brilliant – anything that can save time and do automation in the background, I’m a fan of.

    Obvsiouly, I would still reply to all of my shares to thank people and such personally, but this could really help. I need to figure out what I want done though.

    Bookmarking and coming back to this valuable post – thanks for sharing!

    I hope you have an awesome upcoming week. :-)

    – Carol

    • Thanks for commenting, Carol, there are so many little things that you can set and forget, and it lets you focus on the things that matter. There are certainly lots of options!

  • Hi Donald,

    I discovered IFTTT recently and I like the idea behind it.
    That said, I haven’t found any recipes that appeal to me right now!
    I’m all for adding automation to social media as long as you keep the personal side else it would definitely become unsocial.

    Thanks for sharing these recipe ideas…
    – David

    • Good to see you here, David. IFTTT has transformed how I use the web, it’s definitely worth taking a look at. Keep your eye open for a recipe you like, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before one turns up.

      Thanks for commenting :)

  • #5 looks appealing for keeping a track on what you have loaded. I have found TweetJukebox.com to be an exceptional tool for scheduling Tweets with images which I have not found elsewhere so far. Many platforms already offer transfer direct ie Pinterest to FB or Twitter which you are able to switch on or off depending on what you share. I use IFTTT always throwing caution not to duplicate. Test, test, test…. always best. Nice article thanks Donald.

    • Hi, Joan, thanks for commenting.

      And thank you so much for introducing me to TweetJukebox! I’ve seen the name a lot but never checked it out. I’ve always been amazed that tweets with images can’t be scheduled, after all we know how effective they are.

      It’s true that many platforms are offering an in-built transfer to another platform. It makes the web seem much more grown up, doesn’t it?

      Have a great week!

      • Donald you sure will enjoy what Tim Fargo @alphabetsuccess has done with this piece of software, that is why I share wherever I am able! Tweet Jukebox does way more than just scheduling, well worth taking a look.

        • Great, I think I’m going to write a post about it too. Thanks for getting back to me.